Broadway is known as one of the most famous theatres in the world and that is one main reason why many performers want to have a spot in Broadway. As one of the best theatres in the world, it turned out that Broadway has its own unique things that many people might have missed. Here are some of those unique things.

Unique Things about Broadway

The first one comes from the length of Broadway Street. This is the longest street that you can find in DC. That might be one reason why this street is finally becoming one of the best streets in DC. The second one is the missing I. In Broadway, there is no act that is using I and the same thing is applied for the seat. This is something quite unique because many people at want to get to the front seat by admitting that they have the front seat, number one. However, they actually had the ninth row seat, seat with I letter on it.

The next one is the longest running show is still being held by Phantom of the Opera. This story is a legend and it is still becoming a legend until this time. That is because in 2018, this show is reaching its 30th birthday and it is still continuing to be shown in Broadway. There will be nothing else like this show.

The last one is the special mask of Phantom in Phantom of the Opera show. If you think the show is going to use the same property over and over again, you are wrong. It turned out that each of the Phantom was given a custom made and special mask that will fit their face properly. Because of that reason, there are more than 300 masks that were made until this time for the Phantom.

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