Phantom of the Opera is one show that many people love to watch in Broadway. This show is totally stunning so that many people love to watch it over and over again even though they have to spend hundreds of dollars for the show. If you have watched this Show in Broadway, there are some things that you might want to know from the show that you have watched here.

For the start, Phantom of the Opera is the longest running show in Broadway. That is because this show was started in 1988 and until this time in 2018, the show is still running. That means this show has reached its 30th birthday. That is an amazing achievement, especially in Broadway. The second is the amazing number of shows. As the longest running show in Broadway, Phantom of the Opera has performed at least 12,500 times in 30 years. That means they have at least one performance in a day for the last 30 years. That is not something that any average performers will be able to handle.

The next one is the changing of the main protagonist. It has been 30 years this show is performed in Broadway and during that time, there are some changes to the performers, including the main protagonist of Phantom of the Opera. For your information, until this time, there are 15 different person who have acted as the Phantom on this show and all of them have their own mask. That is because the mask wore for the show is totally custom made. That means you will get your own mask. That is the last thing that you might want to know from this longest show in Broadway. So, are you thinking about watching Phantom of the Opera again? That will be something nice to do.

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