As one of the best theatres in the World, Broadway is becoming one of the best destinations for all of the performers all around the world. Being able to perform in Broadway is surely something prestigious to have. However, what will you do if you have a lot of times to perform in Broadway? Here are some of the longest shows performed in Broadway.

The first one is the Lion King. Many people know the name as one of the best from Disney Animation Studio, but it turned out that this movie became a show performance in Broadway in 1997. Even though the main studio produced this show was changed in 2006, this show does not stop showing. Until this time, the Lion King has been performed for more than 7,500 times in Broadway. The second one is Chicago. In 1975, the Chicago was first performed, but unfortunately, there are not many people who give enough appreciation to that version of Chicago. However, in 1996, Chicago was revived into the newer version and that was the hit that many people are waiting for. Until this time, the new version of Chicago has been performed for more than 8,000 times and the number is still increasing.

Some of the Longest Shows Performed in BroadwayThe last one is the legendary Phantom of the Opera. This one is the legend in Broadway because until this time, Phantom of the Opera has been performed for more than 12,000 times. This show has been there since 1988 and that means this show has been performed for 30 years until this time. This bandar bola show is the longest show performance that you can find in Broadway. Actually, there are some other shows that perform for longer than the average shows, but these three are the longest and the best that you can get in Broadway.

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