Some of the Amazing Revivals in the History of Broadway

As one of the oldest theatres in DC, Broadway is totally famous. There are a lot of production house and theatres that you can find in Broadway, of course, with a lot of performers too. For your information, there are some shows that are not too good at the time when the shows were performed, but those shows are revived into something better. If you are curious, here are some of the best revivals in the history of Broadway.

The first one is Guys and Dolls. This show was firstly performed in 1950 with less than a thousand performances. However, after the show was revived in 1992, the new Guys and Dolls had the better rating. The show reached more than a thousand performances. To make it better, the new Guys and Dolls earned four Tonys, which is very good after being nominated for eight times. The second one is Chicago. Chicago was quite famous, but the revived version is even better. That can be seen from the achievement as one of the longest running show in Broadway. The new Chicago was revived in 1996 and until 2014, this show was still being performed. The best of all is the fact that the show was adapted to a Hollywood movie and nominated for the award.

Les MiserablesThe last one is Les Miserables that was produces in 1987. This show was quite amazing until it was closed in 2003. When the new revived came out in 2006, many people think that the revived version is not that good because of the casts. Fortunately, some years after that, in 2008, Les Miserables was revived once more, taking its old podium in Broadway once again. Until this time, you can still find Les Miserables being performed in Broadway, just in case you want to watch the show in Broadway.

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