Reasons Why The Lion King Keeps Reigning on BroadwayFor those who have watched the Lion King, how is your opinion? And have you ever asked why this Broadway musical is still running after 20 years performing in Broadway. Additionally, this production is known as the longest running Broadway musical in a lifetime. In celebrating the reign of the Lion King on Broadway for 20 years, Elton John as the music composer played the legendary song of this musical “Circle of Life”. The Lion King is firstly released at the New Amsterdam Theater in November 1997. This following article will tell you why the Lion King is still running after 20 years. This Broadway musical revolve about a young lion’s who avenge the death of his father in order to contemplate closure in the near future.

The first reason is the commercial colossus. The Lion King is recognized as the biggest Broadway musical of all time with $1.4 million grossing in its 20 years on Broadway and the show grossing is around $2 million a week on Broadway. The ticket price is around $150 of the regular Broadway musical with 1,621 seats. In addition, innovation is the success key of the Lion King. The Lion King lavish animal costumes has been imitated by subsequent shows with shorter lifespans. It is great to remember that how innovatory Taymor’s production was considered for two decades as a Disney family musical. In this project, there are five songs by Tim and Elton which are legendary. Taymor also says that they cannot stop innovating and discovering something new for keeping the show running.

Why The Lion King Keeps Reigning on Broadway

Having great and right source material make this show still alive after 20 years performing. There is a giant brand helping them in the first place. The Lion King grossed domestically $322 million in 1994. The key of success is several creative team in order to make the play looks interesting and fascinating with great effect . What makes The Lion King can stay for 20 years because it brings pop culture phenomenon. In fact, America has a pop cultural staple which makes the tourists who visit New York. The politics in the production is known to have a prominent fixture in the life cycle since it ran. So, those statements also can be the answer of your question of “why does The Lion King stay more than 20 years”. Maybe, there is a new question popped up in your head “how long does Simba sing on the Broadway?. We will see.

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