Having a Broadway show can a special experience for your kids. Taking kids to the theater can be their new experience to learn something new. So, when you are taking your kids to Broadway, you need to wisely choose a production which is suitable for your kids.

You need to remember that the official minimum member is four and every audience should have a ticket. And, if you get confused in order to choose the suitable show for your kids, we have summarized few kid Broadway musical shows for your beloved kids.

If you have a kindergarten kid and want to take to the production, The Lion King can be your perfect Broadway musical show. Additionally, this show is known as the longest running Broadway musical shows in all the time. This production begins with the “Circle of Life” as the opening. It is the animal parade down the aisles to introduce school-age kids to the spectacular Broadway. The Lion King is an exuberant production numbers, a low-tech wonder with eye-popping puppets, you can also see several gorgeous African-inspired aesthetic. If you have four to six years old kids,this show is perfect for them. If you kids are Potter freaks, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child can be the most suitable production for them. This show is suitable for eight and up and if your kids are old enough, this movie is still suitable. This is a sequel to J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter book series. This sequel tells about the boy lived has a middle-aged dad to a young wizard sick of living in the shadows of his father.

Perfect Kids Broadway Musical Shows Can Be Watched With Your Kids

No kids cannot resist how wonderful Frozen movie. The animation-to-musical show presents a powerful girl alive. It talks about the magical ice power of Princess Elsa losing control to her power on the day she is being crowned queen. Here, you can hear the most iconic soundtrack of the movie entitled Let It Go which is beautifully sung. In addition, Dear Evan Hansen is the must-see a12-years-old Broadway musical show. This show presents some hottest topics including bullying, class differences, adolescent suicide, the impact of social media and depression in our life. It sounds a complicated show but actually it is surprisingly entertaining you and tearing your heart out. Along the show, you will enjoy pop-rock songs with the searing performance.

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