There are many ways you can choose for having a romantic date. If you are really bored to have dinner with your partner or watching Netflix series too often. Why do not you take your beloved one to the Broadway? There are so many shows to see in a night. But, do not pick the wrong shows because you are dating. Heart-warming and love story can be a perfect Broadway musical to be seen with your partner. So, there will be several romantic Broadway musicals you can choose to have a date with your partner.

The Phantom of the Opera is in our first choice of Broadway musicals you can watch to have a date. The Phantom of the Opera is a Broadway musical with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. This bombastic musical has been engaging with the audiences more than two decades and it is still running. This production offers you spectacle and romance of the white masked man and his obsessive love of the opera singer. You will fall in love with the legendary and heart-warming yet love story “All I Ask of You” and “Music of the Night”. In addition, if you want to see two lovers on the stage, On Your Feet at Marquis Theater is a must-see romantic Broadway musical for having a date night. This production tells about a happy marriage of wife, Gloria Estefan and husband, Emilio sharing their incredible life story as a successful professional pop dancers. After you watch the show, you will feel enduring love and unwavering belief in the American dream.

Romantic Broadway Musicals For Your Date NightAnother romantic Broadway musical also you can find from for blossoming your love is Wicked. You and your partner will not able to keep your eyes off when you start see Elphaba and her dashing love start sing “As Long As You Mine”. Actually, this musical tells about the friendship and sisterhood. And, in Act Two you will find the woman’s romance with an unlikely suitor. You will also have a unexpected romance journey from Act One to the end. Not all romance Broadway musical is like sweet and flower. Waitress successfully describes the story of a waitress and an expert pie maker dreaming to have better life by leaving her small town and abusive husband and a baking contest and a new doctor in town may the chance to be her way out. Waitress also offers you an uplifting message of hope, courage, friendship, and love story.

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