There are many shows to watch on Broadway but between them, you can still find of the legend Broadway show from few decades ago. One of them is The Lion King, this Broadway musical is known as the legend production on Broadway which is still running until today. Additionally, The Lion King is a musical production on Broadway by Disney animated feature film with the same name in 1994. The musics were composed by Elton John and the lyrics was written by Tim Rice. For the scoring, it was created by Hans Zimmer and directed by Juli Taymor. The Lion King features actors and actresses in animal costumes and hollow puppets and giants.

This Broadway musical released on July 8, 1997 at Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Lion King also gained its fame before premiering at the New Amsterdam Theater in 1997 while the official opening was in November 1997. When the production moved to the Minskoff Theater, this show is still running more than 8,500 performances. And, this Broadway musical show is known as the longest running show and the highest grossing Broadway production in the history with grossing more than $1 billion. The Lion King is on the top list of the top-earning title in box-office history for both films and productions in September 2014.

So, if you are still cannot make to watch the production, you may wonder what The Lion King tells about. As one of Disney’s cartoon-to-musical projects, this story revolves when the wise Lion King of the Pridelands, Mufasa, and his queen, Sarabi introducing their newborn son, Simba to all his people (animals). It seems to go well expect Scar, Musafa’s evil brother who secretly desires to be a king replacing Simba who is the rightful heir of the throne. In the plots, Musafa is dead and Simba believes that Scar cause the death of his father. Then, Simba is leaving the Pridelands and Scar becomes a king. The main story highlights how Simba is struggling to live and meets with two social outcasts, Pumbaa and Timon. They teach Simba how to live without caring about what is happening at home, the Prideland. Eventually, Simba should choose either living in the easy-going life that he has built or his duties as the rightful heir of the throne. And, will Simba replace Scar as the Lion King of the Pridelands? Find out soon!

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